How far in advance should I order?

Depending on the size of your order, the time required to complete it will vary. In general, please advise 3 days in advance for signature cakes, 7-10 days in advance for custom cakes and 3 months in advance for wedding cakes.

Do we deliver?

Yes, we deliver single cakes and desserts for a flat fee of $20.00. For custom cakes and wedding cakes, the delivery will be on us as we like to ensure that our multiple-tier cakes reach you in perfect shape! 😀

Are we nut-free?

No, a lot of our desserts and cakes contain nuts and we are therefore NOT a nut-free facility.

Do we offer gluten-free desserts?

Most of our cakes are not gluten-free. However, we do offer a flourless chocolate or vanilla option made entirely with almond flour, available upon special request. And of course, a luxurious macarons or silky truffle is always a delicious gluten-free option!